'JEEVAN4U' celebrating with
the amazing personality of Indian cinema -MAJOR RAVI

Major Ravi is a name of unmatched excellence in the South India film industry, the only one ex-commando in Indian film industry. Being a former army official, Major Ravi has crafted out a throne for himself with his niche topics and storytelling on the silver screen which was otherwise totally unknown to the Malayalee film appreciators. In 2002 major directed a children’s film and the same was nominated for the best Debut Director Award. His associations with exponents like Priyadarshan, Kamal Haasan , Rajkumar Santhoshi and Mani Ratnam made him to come out with a ran away success like the Keerthi Chakra. The success of this movie gave inspiration for his next ventures like Mmission 90 days and Kurukshetra This success made him a major among film makers and a film maker among majors !
The winner of Presidents Gallantry Award, Major Ravi has a lot more to offer to the Malayalam cinema enthusiasts and the Malayalam movie industry. He is truly a Personality par excellence!
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