Binoy Chacko is one of the founder members of “Celestials” a Christian music band based at Kottayam, Kerala, India. Under this banner, innumerable programmes were held in length and breadth of Kerala, and in Tamilnadu, Bombay, Bangalore, Chennai, Madurai etc. He has visited the United States of America seven times and as on date, more than 100 programmes were conducted by different churches and denominations. He is very much in demand there and going to USA again this year for concerts. He has also performed in different stages in all Gulf countries many times. His programmes in Quatar and United Arab Emirates last April with the great singer Vijay Benedict was a memorable event in his life.
The opportunity he has been given to represent the Indian music in South Korea was an honourable recognition in his life. Binoy's regular presence in the popular TV channels is enjoyed by millions of people.
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