Siddique - Film Director of Mega Hit Movies


Siddique a name easily identified with the renovation of Malayalam movie industry started his career in the early 80s. He is truly a person who restructured the grammar of cinema so as to make it more appealing to the Malayalee audience. He is the only director who can proudly claim as the creator of only mega hit movies. The fact to be noted here is that all these super hit movies were crafted under his own story, screen play and dialogue!

Born in a reputed middle class family in Eranakulam, Siddique had a passion for cinema from his childhood days itself. He graduated in Malayalam Literature from the famous Maharajas College, Eranakulam. In his college days he performed stage shows as a mimicry artist. He wrote a script and organized a stage show troop named MIMICS PARADE under Kalabhavan, the same still performs round the world and proved to be the gate way for many new entrants to the film industry. Noted Artists from Kalabhavan include, Jayaram, Dileep, Kalabhavan Mani, N.F.Varghese, Zainudheen, Harisree Asokan, Salim Kumar and a lot more, interestingly it was Siddique who developed script for the various stage shows performed by stars, round the globe.

Siddique started his film career as an assistant director to the noted director Mr. Fazil in 1983. He also got the opportunity to develop the story for Malayalam movie "Nadodikkaattu", which was a mega hit.

As a person with unmatched creative potential, Siddique has more vistas to conquer and has much more to offer to the malayalees around the world.
The photographs have been taken by Still Photographer "HARI THIRUMALA"
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